4 Signs of Fake Online Poker Sites to Avoid


4 Signs of Fake Online Poker Sites to Avoid – As time goes by, more and more online poker game sites appear and spread on the internet. This can be beneficial hantoto and make it not difficult for you to find a site when you want to register. It’s just that you have to pay attention that not all sites you can trust and it could be a fraudulent site.
So you have to be smarter, smarter and more careful in choosing a poker site that you will later make as a place to play online poker games so that you can avoid the name of a loss. If you can join and play poker games in a trusted gambling site agent, you can be sure that you will get many benefits.

4 Signs of Fake Online Poker Sites That Must Be Avoided So You Don’t Experience Losses
There have been many victims who have been deceived by fraudulent or fake sites. Therefore, in order not to become the next victim, you must first know the characteristics of gambling sites including poker games so that you can avoid them. Here is a review of the signs of a fraudulent or fake site, let’s listen.

  1. Slow Service
    The first sign of a fake poker game site is slow service and response. Because on official and trusted sites, they will definitely make their members satisfied with the service, one of which is with a fast response. For prospective members, they may be confused about how to check whether the response from the site is fast or not. The trick is that you can find out if the site has a live chat feature. When you find a site with a live chat feature, you can directly communicate through this feature. However, you must pay attention to whether the one who answers is a bot or computer system, or not.
  2. Does not have a complete list of banks
    For fake poker game sites, it will certainly be difficult to provide a complete list of banks for transactions. Unlike if the site is an official or trusted poker game site, they will provide all bank lists completely for the convenience of members. If the bank list is incomplete, it will automatically trouble members who want to transact. If the bank is different, members have to pay admin fees to the bank and this of course makes members will not feel comfortable. Moreover, if you want to make a deposit, members have to spend a little more money if the bank name is different. No exception when you want to withdraw or take profits. It will definitely be more difficult for members.
  3. Sites are often blocked
    To make members trust, an official and best site will provide a backup or alternative link so that if something bad happens considering gambling games are still illegal in some countries and are often blocked, the account and data we have registered will not be lost. Unlike the fake poker game site, although both are often blocked, this game site will not provide a backup link. So if something bad happens, the deposit and deposit savings that you have collected will just be forfeited.
  4. Has Many Bad Ratings
    If a site is a true and trusted site, it will definitely get a good rating. As for fake poker game sites, it’s exactly the opposite. The site will get a bad rating. You can check it on reviews or reviews that are usually provided on a site. If you are lucky and it turns out that the site has an application for mobile, you will find it easier to find reviews or reviews.
    That’s 4 signs of a fake poker site agent that you should understand. Until here first yes our review of the signs of fake poker agents, hopefully what we say gives you such great benefits. Share this article so that many people also know the information we provide. Thank you.

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